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Crafting your vision... since 1987

Proudly representing manufacturers within the jurisdictions of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We offer finite attention to detail and an eye for luxury craftsmanship. Having built decades-worth of relationships with designers and factories within the industry, we strive to earn your trust and craft your vision into reality. Specializing in hospitality furnishings within the largest-scaled resort hotels and boutique establishments alike, we endeavor to serve you.


About Us

Founded as Arnett & Associates in 1989 by Tracy Arnett Hall and reestablished as Arnett Whitacre in 2021. Today the company is managed by Amy, with Tracy as our trusted advisor. Tracy’s background began with interior design and sales, and Amy’s started in product development and sales management. Both have evolved within their years of experience in hospitality and put their skills to great use at AW. Our company prides itself on serving with modern southern hospitality. We help our clients succeed by “crafting your vision" into reality.


Our team provides project management support to help develop custom product and facilitate all project needs.  

We pride ourselves on our long-standing manufacturer relationships. Many are in the USA as well as Italy. We primarily produce for mid-scale and luxury properties for hotels, restaurants, multifamily, and other commercial spaces.  

Our family of manufacturers originates  back to the year 1295 for Barovier & Toso, 1949 for Mittman, and 1956 Pianca. 

Strong relationships, longevity in the industry and attention to fine details set us apart.


Let us know how we can bring your next project to fruition.


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